Piano Tuning Service

My piano tuning business is founded on old fashioned values of quality service and attention to detail.

Pianos generally need tuning between once and twice a year. I am often amazed by the age of some of the pianos I tune. Many of them are over eighty years in age! However, as they have been regularly maintained, they have continued to provide pleasure for many generations.

The majority of my business comes from domestic tunings, although I also tune for schools, colleges and concert venues. Occasionally, I have had the pleasure of tuning for famous names in the music world.

Voicing and Toning

Every piano has its own distinct sound or "voice". In many ways, that's how it was built and that is its personality.

But over time, the more a piano is played, the more the hammer felt that strikes the strings wears down and compacts.

It is possible to restore the quality of the original sound of the piano with sympathetic voicing.

I can alter the whole dynamic range of the piano making the sound harder or softer. Or change the quality of just a section of the piano, for example the treble or bass or even work on just one note. To achieve this the hammers may need changing .

I cover a wide area including Reading, Newbury, Berkshire, East Oxfordshire, South Buckinghamshire and North Hampshire.