Piano Repairs & Servicing

I am qualified to carry out a range of repairs from sticking notes to full servicing on grand pianos. I have listed below some of the terminology used for these repairs and the benefits that can be achieved . Please contact me to discuss your particular requirements.

Polyester Casework Repairs

Chips and scratches on polyester casework can be repaired with a range of products manufactured in Germany. These products have been developed so that they can be applied in a domestic situation doing away with having to move the piano to a workshop. Usually repairs are almost invisible.


The inner playing mechanism, called the "action" of a piano, is an amazingly complex and sensitive machine. Like any other machine, it needs to be kept in adjustment so that it works the way it was meant to work when it was built .This process is called regulation.


Eventually your piano will need re-stringing because the strings have become rusty or the tuning will not hold. I can provide a re-stringing service to bring back the life in to your piano.

Preventing future damage

The Piano Life Saver is a piano humidity control system that keeps your piano in tune and prevents damage from climate and environmental effects, giving you professional performance level tonal quality and keyboard control. Read more here..

Voicing and Toning

Every piano has its own distinct sound or "voice". In many ways, that's how it was built and that is its personality.

But over time, the more a piano is played, the more the hammer felt that strikes the strings wears down and compacts.

It is possible to restore the quality of the original sound of the piano with sympathetic voicing.

I can alter the whole dynamic range of the piano making the sound harder or softer. Or change the quality of just a section of the piano, for example the treble or bass or even work on just one note. To achieve this the hammers may need changing .